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KIPYA Connect | Business Solutions is your perfect partner for Digital Finance solutions based on Blockchain Technologies, Communication platforms, Cyber Security, Cloud and enterprise IT solutions.

Corporate Finance

The face of finance has changed with IT dominance. We have merged both as experts in both field to offer you cutting-edge solutions. These are built with Blockchain Technology.

KIPYA GROUP LTD is a Fintech company based in Uganda. Our mission is to drive financial innovation in Uganda and Africa as whole. We leverage the most up to date technology to decrease operational cost and improve efficiency to bring our customers better and more affordable products

Our Digital Finance service has sufficient potential to provide a range of affordable, convenient and secure services to the middle and low-income earners.

Kipya provides solutions to the, unbanked individuals to increase access to financial services through our digital channels.
We have a new set of institutions such as agent networks managers, payment aggregators and other systems which are built for a far reaching and efficient digital finance ecosystem which can be scalable.

Corporate Security / Cyber Security

You deal with information, we deal with its security. Contact us for an assessment to get the solution fitting to your need.

It’s no secret that businesses are looking for people who are skilled with security testing, as well as those who understand the impacts of vulnerabilities and exploitations.

While this is not the entire breadth of the field of information security, businesses' focus on security means there are jobs available to those with these skills.

Kipya provides Cyber Security solutions and trainings.
Learn with us the stages it takes to secure and protect your company and know-how.
We are independent and give you the right knowledge and tools at hand for your success.

ICT Consultancy

IT Expertise at your Service

With over 15 years international expertise in Data management, Database, IT Architecture, Programming and more we are ready to hear and help you.

We consult for high-end technology implementation at clients’ site or implementation of new technology according to the clients’ requirement or upgrading, enhancing the existing facilities in the clients end with the new technology integrated with the existing one. Kipya offers a full range of consulting services to help analyse your business requirements for effective implementation of solutions. Our consulting services cover:


Since emerging in 2008 from the fast-moving companies of Silicon Valley, DevOps has proven to be an essential approach for building and running modern, online software systems for all kinds of companies and organisations.

The combination of speed and reliability at the heart of DevOps means that you can respond to customer and market demand while satisfying increasingly demanding regulatory and security requirements. By adopting a truly shared goal—"rapidly and safely"—between the teams building software and the teams running the software systems, DevOps provides a hugely enhanced business capability in almost every industry sector.

Corporate Training


Kipya is an internationally renowned IT Training company who creates inspiring, motivational and cost-effective training services which bring about tangible improvements in productivity and service.


We are partners with EC Council,(International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants),an institution accredited to carry out cyber security trainings worldwide.

In partnership with EC Council, we carry on trainings in cyber security like C|CISO(Certified Chief Information Security Officer), CEH( Certifed Ethical Hacker) among others.


We specialize in providing flexible learning solutions which include IT trainings, seminars, IT consultancy at a large-scale to companies throughout Africa and with various partners in the training sectors like, universities we offer the best IT tannings in Africa.

With our passion for learning we will work closely with you to deliver a flexible, inspiring, motivational and cost-effective training solution which will give you improvements in productivity. You will gain lifelong skills and realise your hidden potential so you can help your company achieve their corporate goal.

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