Testimonials of our last 3 conference in Uganda.


"Its timely as we need a lot of awareness and get assurance that something is being done to protect us Thank you Ducan"- MOFPED
mega webs uganda
"I have gained more knowledge on Hackers, types of hackers and how they can hack into our technology/communication devices to cause Havoc"- mega webs uganda
Ministry of Finance - Uganda
"I recommend that you conduct trainings to particular groups so that training is customized to their needs and work related eg bankers, insurers and government"- Ministry of Finance - Uganda
Samson-Ministry of Finance - Uganda
"the objective was achieved how to protect the organisation's vital information, the tools to be used"- Samson-Ministry of Finance - Uganda
Moses Kanyarutokye
"I am CAO for Rubirizi District and my most interesting topics was Criminology and Cyber Security it was educative one.I would also like to have one and one chat with the experts to get more information."- Moses Kanyarutokye
Dan Alex Kiribaaki
"I am an IT personality and my topic of interest was Hacking so far it is good to know how and i would like to attend another conference with similar Agenda Thank you"- Dan Alex Kiribaaki
Simon Mwebaza
"I am in Army of Uganda and the available technology to curb cyber crime interests me alot. I am also learning what the law is doing to address this issues the conference is timely as we need a lot of a awareness and get assurance that something is being down to protect us. Yes you can contact me for another conference in future I hope to hear from you guys"- Simon Mwebaza
Eriko Gilbert
"Ministry of Finance is where i work and the laws enacted by the government of Uganda and interpretation was more interesting to me. I would like to advise that such conferences should be continuously held"- Eriko Gilbert


"since I am a student, i suggest that you show us what we have to do and provide some todos for us during the event. cheers"- Hana
Ochaya Kevin


"I suggest to you the following, Conduct trainings to different or to particular groups so that training is customized to their needs and work related eg bankers, police, unversities etc Work with institutions like NITA, UCC, ICT ministry to carry out sensitization "- Ochaya Kevin
"I have gotten to know what methodogists the hackers use to penterate systems. I have got to know how to protect myself from malicious wireless attacks Thankyou for bringing this to Uganda KIPYA should hold bootcamps to actually show how penetration testing is done "- JJ
Victoria University
"this is an area i have been very interested in growing my knowledge in. I want to get more tips above the average user about security he can be reached on xxx  thank you "- Victoria University