About Us

About KIPYA Connect | Business Solutions

Michael Kiberu Nagenda, a young IT consultant working with major companies, during his missions, he quickly identifies shortcomings in IT solutions, IT management and information security within companies in Germany and abroad.

If they are not fixed, they can eventually ruin the performance acquired up to date.
Good efforts are made to integrate more and more of new technologies in the organization strategy.

Though often with the lack of the technical, financial and human resources or knowledge to manage them. Eventually from a simple opportunity, these strategies become additional burdens. However, solutions for these exist.

After understanding the business challenges, Michael decides to put his skills to the service of companies. He creates a company KIPYA Group Ltd - able to respond effectively to all these challenges.

KIPYA Connect | Business Solutions, the ICT Branch under KIPYA Group LTD enables its customers to focus on their real goal:

to increase their turnover with the support of best and practiced business solutions.

Today KIPYA Connect | Business Solutions is present in Germany, Uganda, Zambia, and Rwanda with the project to expand to other regions.

Our job is to facilitate yours.

Looking for a reliable and durable security system to protect your database?
You want to boost your website?
Your customer relationship management must be improved?
You want to check your ICT Security or Train your staff?
You have needs, we have the business solutions.

For over a decade, KIPYA Connect | Business Solutions specialises in developing innovative solutions that can improve your company's IT infrastructure.

Every day, more and more creative and sustainable solutions are created to make your business more efficient and competitive.
We treat your needs on an individual basis in order to adapt our services to small and large businesses.

Several companies have trusted us:
Lidl International Germany,
International Banks Frankfurt - Germany,
OCS Clean - Germany,
One Mans Week - Uganda,
Love City Fellowship - Germany,
Edo Millennium - Germany,
Link Sat Technologies - Uganda,
Pontsho Dreams – Botswana  and more.