Database Management System (DBMS)

Database is the corner stone of almost all the major software and hardware based applications.

Be business Content Management system, a customer management system, web portal or a small mobile application, database integration is inevitable for all.

At KIPYA, in addition to providing several other business services, we also provide database management and database administration services. Usually, companies hire in-house database administrator; however, this is not cost effective and often times hired resource lacks required skills. Therefore, it is cost effective and more convenient to outsource database installation, management and administration services.

We at KIPYA have hired experienced and skillful database administrators that can efficiently manage and administer your database. Our database administration services cater to the need of individuals, small organization and mid-level companies. And good thing is we deliver highest quality services for prices extremely competitive as compared to other contemporary database administration services. Currently, we are providing offshore database administration services to African countries as well. Presently we offer the following database administration services:


  • Oracle database installation plus system updates.
  • Onsite/Offsite scheduled technical support.
  • Database backup and recovery services.
  • Database tuning and analysis.
  • Customized database solutions for your business.